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  • Striped Bass
  • Bonita
  • Sharks
  • Wreck Fishing
  • Day Trolling
  • Chunking
  • Tilefish Drifting
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  • Burials At Sea

The Mushin

Mushin, the boat's name, originates from an expression meaning a mind open to everything, and capable of planned responses to evolving conditions and situations. It is a constant and relaxed state of readiness...This is the underlying concept that guides the Mushin Sportfishing team.

We are a crew of seasoned and enthusiastic sportsmen, who enjoy all sportfishing adventures with experienced occasional, and novice anglers alike. Our crew members are easy going professionals who pride themselves on remaining open to all circumstances and are not bound by routines, laurels, or past accomplishments.

Let us share with you and your family, friends, or business clients...the Mushin Experience.

Raritan Bay Stripers – 4/6 to 5/11 – Book Now – Contact Capt. Alan 609-731-3742